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Into the New Year

By Charlie Johnston Some significant improvements and simplifications have been made to the section above dedicated to helping people join existing or develop new groups dedicated to neighbors working the next right step together. The TNRS Local Connect link at … Continue reading

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Crosses in the Year of Mercy

(I am criss-crossing between a Conference and another Prayer Meeting this weekend. Those of you who have complained that I am overdue for the second installment of the Rules of Regency are now completely right. I get home late tomorrow … Continue reading

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Darkness and Light

By Charlie Johnston I hate Microsoft. Sometime during the night while I slept, they took over my computer and upgraded it to Windows 10. Every time they do something like that, they invariably eliminate a feature I really liked. After … Continue reading

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Stormy Dreams

(Though I do not normally put up columns dealing with dreams, there are some people who, by the consistent quality of their work and faith and the depth of their study and prayer over an extended period of time, I will … Continue reading

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Filling in the Ranks of the Angels

(Our friend, Janet Klasson – better known as Pelianito – sent me this marvelous meditation, sparked originally by St. Bernard of Clairvaux. It took my breath away. Though I reserve the right to write the headline for any piece, I … Continue reading

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The Silent Majesty of God

(Below is a marvelous meditation by our friend, Janet Klasson, better known as Pelianito. One of my personal favorites that I wrote is related, though not on quite the same topic. I expect to have the piece on the satan … Continue reading

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Musings – Mallett, Pelianito and a Tale of Two Bishops

By Charlie Johnston In the latest by Mark Mallett, he touches on something that is very important but little noted right now. He says we should not spend too much time scanning the news headlines and stories any more. I heartily … Continue reading

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The Way of the Cross For Greater Trust

(I have had a few intense personal matters flare up the last few days. All will be well, but between certain projects and problems, I am not at my best concentration right now. Fortunately, Janet Klasson – better known as … Continue reading

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Into the Master’s Refinery

By Charlie Johnston Thank you all for your many prayers. The truth is I have been in a bit of a funk since December 20. I think I have been grieving for what has passed away. The old order is … Continue reading

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Musings – Take No Thought What Ye Shall Speak

In the early morning hours of Saturday, December 20, (2014) I was woken up to receive a brief, but intense visitation and conversation with my angel. I am still contemplating it before submitting it and the full implications of it … Continue reading

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