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Hitting the Links

I am very permissive about people using links to support a point they are trying to make in the ‘Comments’ sections. Unless it is a site that has been condemned by the Church or is overtly fomenting rebellion and apostasy, … Continue reading

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The Narrow Way

I had intended to write a piece today on Mary and the Saints, specifically geared for Protestants. Not to try to convince them we are right so much, but so that if they reject Catholic beliefs on it they are rejecting … Continue reading

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Stay to the Plain Path

Several people have asked me to do a recap of some of my old predictions. I have touched on that before and will again briefly at the end of this article. I have been troubled of late, though, that some … Continue reading

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Pelianito Speaks: Flame of Love, Witness of Joy

(This guest piece is by Janet, who comments here but is best known as Pelianito, for the wonderful spiritual blog she does, one of the few I link to permanently, at right. Her comments are timely and, in their little … Continue reading

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Spoiler Alert (God Wins) and More on Chicago

In the past few days I have been swamped with letters and suggestions. Many have suggested new links to pious sites that I should put up. I intend to keep links from this site very limited. That means there are … Continue reading

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Mark Mallett is Back to Near Daily Posts

As many of you know, Mark Mallett was so besieged with work for a time that he reduced his daily blog to a weekly update. This last week, he has been back at it every day. Mallett is one of … Continue reading

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