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We Are Not Alone

By Charlie Johnston I intended to watch the entire eclipse at the foot of Mt. Meeker in front of St. Malo’s, as August 21 was the fifth anniversary of the conclusion of my pilgrimage – and the day I came … Continue reading

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Musings – All Shook Up

The World seems to be coming more and more unglued by the minute. Interesting that it is coming unglued in a way that reveals to those who treat government as their god what a feckless deity they have adopted. Whatever … Continue reading

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The Family as Participation in Trinitarian Life

(I am working on two pieces for the weekend. One is a description of the sweep of what the world will look like during the height of the Storm and things to watch for. The second is a brief explanation … Continue reading

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My Purpose

(Note – to the many who have volunteered on the spiritual direction directory: Thursday night I will be speaking with a very talented man who may head up this portion of the direction project. If he agrees, I will forward … Continue reading

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The Shrine

In the very late 90s my angel came to me in a vision and took me into the mountains. From the sky, high above a very distinctive mountain, we looked down upon a great courtyard and shrine nestled below the … Continue reading

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The Storm Deepens

  (This is a repeat of an article I published at my Facebook site 10 months ago. It is useful, I think, to see prophecies fulfilled sometime as we lose sight of them in the press of the day. A … Continue reading

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Musings – Denmark

A lengthy musing today; many things have come up. I chose Denmark as the country to highlight because, though it is a fairly small number, my readers in Denmark are consistent and sometimes contribute to the comments section here. But … Continue reading

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Pilgrim Journal: The Road of 100,000 Roses (#4)

(This is the fourth installment in the story of my pilgrimage, a year-and-a half walk across the country from Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012) The first few days were spent getting a feel for how to do this. … Continue reading

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The Gift of “Waiting”

I am going to jump a little ahead on my pilgrimage for a day. I had never been to Louisiana before I walked through it – and did not expect to like it. But Southern Louisiana was fantastic, my favorite … Continue reading

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Final Pilgrimage Preparations (#3)

In the last few months before I left I worried increasingly about how I would support myself as I went. Though drifting into towns and picking up knock-around jobs is not just the stuff of novels and movies, it still … Continue reading

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