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First Things

By Charlie Johnston On December 20, 2014, I had a great vision of demons spewing across the world to raise confusion and chaos, to create divisions in families, marginalize Christians, and spread despair and fear in all, specifically targeting the … Continue reading

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The Fog of War and a Papal Field Hospital

(As I get back to work focusing here, I am worried that we are spending way too much time finding things to deplore and getting the vapors over everything the Pope says. If we are reduced to defining ourselves almost … Continue reading

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Confusion Rises

By Charlie Johnston   Yesterday, ISIS operatives murdered French Priest Jacques Hamel while he was saying Mass and critically injured a nun before being taken down by French police. In the last week, Jihadists have mounted five attacks in Germany. … Continue reading

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The Fullness of the Storm, the Springtime of the Gospel

By Charlie Johnston At the Easter Vigil in 2008 Our Lord appeared to me and said, “Now the hour of darkness comes upon the world. But be not afraid. The darkness shall not prevail.” When I reported this visitation to … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Rattles Some Chains

By Charlie Johnston (This article has been updated to correct several errors) Once again, Pope Francis has rattled folks with off-the-cuff comments he made on a plane heading back to Rome. According to news reports (which I never completely trust), … Continue reading

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The Pope and the Wolves

By Charlie Johnston Some friends and readers have quizzed me on how I can be so indifferent to Pope Francis’ often provocative comments on environmental issues, the economy, and the philosophical infrastructure that make human freedom possible. After all, I … Continue reading

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John Bosco’s Prophecy – The Synod at the Crossroads

(I have had many people contact me regarding the Pope talking about decentralizing the Church, following a more participatory model. Naturally, many people are getting the vapors, fearful that this means each synodal sect can choose whatever doctrine it wants … Continue reading

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Don Bosco’s Prophecy and Today’s World-Wide War Against the Church

(My good friend, Fr. Regis Scanlon, is writing a series of pieces relating Don Bosco’s famous prophecy to today’s events. Fr. Regis is a Franciscan Capuchin. He has lived his entire life taking the next right step. While I was … Continue reading

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Christian Steel in Birmingham

By Charlie Johnston (Before I write about my Birmingham visit, I want to firmly clarify something. I am getting letters and emails asking about Fr. Mitch Pacwa or EWTN endorsing me. Neither Fr. Mitch nor EWTN has or is going … Continue reading

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Marvelous Piece on the Consecration of Fatima

(I am still working on the meaty post I referenced yesterday. It covers the Supreme Court ruling, my work in more detail, and several other things. We have entered the final countdown…and when the ground starts moving beneath your feet, … Continue reading

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