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The Fog of War and a Papal Field Hospital

(As I get back to work focusing here, I am worried that we are spending way too much time finding things to deplore and getting the vapors over everything the Pope says. If we are reduced to defining ourselves almost … Continue reading

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Perspectives on the Pope

(Whew…it has been a wild week. As it turns out, neither Blessed Paul VI nor St. John XXIII said anything publicly about allowing contraception for nuns in danger in the Belgian Congo. Many prominent theologians were suggesting it – and … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Rattles Some Chains

By Charlie Johnston (This article has been updated to correct several errors) Once again, Pope Francis has rattled folks with off-the-cuff comments he made on a plane heading back to Rome. According to news reports (which I never completely trust), … Continue reading

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John Bosco’s Prophecy – The Synod at the Crossroads

(I have had many people contact me regarding the Pope talking about decentralizing the Church, following a more participatory model. Naturally, many people are getting the vapors, fearful that this means each synodal sect can choose whatever doctrine it wants … Continue reading

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Don Bosco’s Prophecy and Today’s World-Wide War Against the Church

(My good friend, Fr. Regis Scanlon, is writing a series of pieces relating Don Bosco’s famous prophecy to today’s events. Fr. Regis is a Franciscan Capuchin. He has lived his entire life taking the next right step. While I was … Continue reading

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Let’s Pretend

By Charlie Johnston I continue to work on Part 2 of “Whatcha Gonna Do…” which covers some tips for traveling on foot and living outdoors for an extended period if you need to. I will have it up tonight or … Continue reading

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

By Charlie Johnston As you have surely noticed, I am struggling a bit. It is not that there is not enough to write about, but that there is too much, an information overload. In the 60s and 70s there were … Continue reading

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