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Lights Flicker on as the Fog Thickens

By Charlie Johnston One of our readers, Anne, from McGrath, Minnesota did a wonderful thing with the Prayer of Miraculous Trust at her Parish, Our Lady of Fatima. I will let her tell it – from the note she sent … Continue reading

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Spiritual Direction Update – Volunteers Needed!

You might think I have put the project on spiritual direction on the back burner because I have said little about it lately. To the contrary, some marvelous people have stepped up and have offered help to provide people with … Continue reading

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Musings: A Time of Division, Mexico

Many people have contacted me privately asking about an unusually large amount of bickering – and even ugly disputes – among families and friends, wondering if this is part of the darkening of the times. Yes, it is. I have expected … Continue reading

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Christ Triumphs Over Satanists

Thanks be to God, thanks be to God. The Satanists planning a black mass in Oklahoma have returned the consecrated Host after being sued for theft of property by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. Here is Archbishop Paul Coakley’s statement. … Continue reading

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Nun, Jonah and the Sign of the Fish

A hat tip to Jennifer of Denver for this wonderful article on a new Christian symbol you might see popping up a lot these days. Also, thanks to Marcin of Poland for sending me a link to a marvelous site … Continue reading

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Prayer of Miraculous Trust

We all need prayer. In Catholicism, we speak of the communion of the saints, which means that all the faithful – both here and departed – are fully alive to God, and we have access to the faithful departeds’ prayers … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Unity and Conversion

I have long believed that you cannot live a dual life and find happiness. You life must be coherent to have meaning. The Pope spoke yesterday of many who try to live with one foot in faith and one foot … Continue reading

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Can Demons Tempt us to Pray?

An article on the Catholic Exchange by Fr. John Bartunek, touches on the subtle ways that satan will attack and try to pull us away from authentic communion with God.

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Final Pilgrimage Preparations (#3)

In the last few months before I left I worried increasingly about how I would support myself as I went. Though drifting into towns and picking up knock-around jobs is not just the stuff of novels and movies, it still … Continue reading

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Lessons of a Pilgrim

  A few lessons I learned from my pilgrimage that may be helpful to you in the trials ahead… The Unknown is Scary. Despite my jaunty confidence before leaving, I was scared. I have serious neurological damage that was supposed … Continue reading

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