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Musings: A Time of Division, Mexico

Many people have contacted me privately asking about an unusually large amount of bickering – and even ugly disputes – among families and friends, wondering if this is part of the darkening of the times. Yes, it is. I have expected … Continue reading

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Guest Column: Untangling Fatima – Fact, Fiction and Prophecy

By Peter B (This column was written by a working European theologian at my invitation. While he is identified here only as Peter B, I am fully advised of his full name, address and credentials. While I have emphasized that … Continue reading

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I have written before that the Lord has told me that all faithful Jews and Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, are to be treated as full partners in the work ahead of us. There are no junior partners among the … Continue reading

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The Rule of Justice

Western Civilization is the history of bathing culture and civic society in Judeo-Christian values. It is what progressively, over several millenia, brought the principles of freedom, liberty and human rights to places of honor in the hearts and imagination of … Continue reading

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The World Enters its Passion

As many of you have probably surmised, I have had quite the struggle the last month. It has run the gamut from physical illness to family issues to spiritual matters and more. It did not trouble me much. I rather … Continue reading

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Form Ranks

People around me often tell me they know I hold back a lot and am very careful and measured in what I share. That is true, but it is usually not for the reasons they think (or at least mostly … Continue reading

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Into the Whirlwind

Since God’s interaction with each person is so intimately personal how, then, do we encounter Him properly and help others to do so? However interesting it might be for a finger to explain its function to a foot, it won’t … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Unity and Conversion

I have long believed that you cannot live a dual life and find happiness. You life must be coherent to have meaning. The Pope spoke yesterday of many who try to live with one foot in faith and one foot … Continue reading

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Mark Mallett and the Flame of Fire

There is no layman on the scene I more admire than Mark Mallett. He overtly grounds everything he writes solidly in Scripture, the Magisterium and in the writings of the Saints. Today he writes about the “Rising Morning Star” here. … Continue reading

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Mallett’s Latest

I do not like to talk about “spiritual warfare” when it is close to home and I try to act in a way so that I do not impose crosses I should bear on others. That said, sometimes the battle … Continue reading

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