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Musings – You Shall Neither be Able to Buy Nor Sell…

By Charlie Johnston “No one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name…” – Revelation 13:7 I have long said I believe the mark of the … Continue reading

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Musings – The Manly Virtues, Reading Material, and Direction Update

A hat tip goes out to reader, Jim M. for directing me to this marvelous article from the Archdiocese of Washington. It is written by Msgr. Charles Pope and is a clarion call for the recovering – and the renewed … Continue reading

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Musings – New Links, Synod, Ebola and the Mark of the Beast

From time to time people ask me where they can send donations. I don’t have a donation button here and I don’t solicit them. I am fortunate to have a few people who act as sponsors and patrons to help … Continue reading

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Musings – All Shook Up

The World seems to be coming more and more unglued by the minute. Interesting that it is coming unglued in a way that reveals to those who treat government as their god what a feckless deity they have adopted. Whatever … Continue reading

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A Winnowing Fan and a Funnel

I have put up a new page for Prayer Requests at the top of the site. Hat tip to reader, Fran, for prodding me to get it done. Readers here have been wonderful at supporting each other – and this … Continue reading

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