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A Few Right Steps

By Charlie Johnston Thank you, dear readers. Your generosity is astounding. I was in St. Louis the last few days – actually in Belleville, where I lived for five and a half years. I visited with the McGlynn clan. When … Continue reading

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Notes From the Edge of Armageddon

By Charlie Johnston I am feeling a bit of a warm glow right now. The response to my piece the other day, A Joyful Noise, was amazing. I saw sites that excoriated the Pope for what seemed to be a … Continue reading

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Into the Master’s Refinery

By Charlie Johnston Thank you all for your many prayers. The truth is I have been in a bit of a funk since December 20. I think I have been grieving for what has passed away. The old order is … Continue reading

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On Love and Evil

Guest Column By Mark Gaylord (Mark Gaylord works as an analyst for a Defense Contractor. A cradle Catholic, he lives with his wife, a convert, and four children in northern Virginia. He has served on his Parish Apologetics Committee. This … Continue reading

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The Great Apostasy Begins

When I was but a boy, not yet 10 years old, and first realized how peculiar my visitations were, I had a chat with my angel. I told him I enjoyed the instruction we went through together, but that if he … Continue reading

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Musings – Crusades, Marriage, Round-Up

A few random things this morning…. Have you ever noticed that people who pride themselves on their brutal honesty are usually much more interested in the brutality than the honesty? ********* Back in the late 90’s I spoke to a … Continue reading

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