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In the Master’s Embrace

Ordinary Miracles (This piece, by our reader Suzie Savoy of Texas, deeply resonated with me. Our Lord often uses significant dates as a little sign that He is with us, particularly when suffering is involved. I have mentioned that I … Continue reading

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Signs of the Time

Signposts By Charlie Johnston When I was prepping candidates for early public appearances, I would almost always ask them if they thought most people make primarily rational or emotional decisions on who to support. Almost all told me they thought most … Continue reading

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Into the Master’s Refinery

By Charlie Johnston Thank you all for your many prayers. The truth is I have been in a bit of a funk since December 20. I think I have been grieving for what has passed away. The old order is … Continue reading

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What The Next Right Step Really Means

“What you desire most is most effective against you. Desire God and all shall be added to you.”   Before I ever began talking to my priests, before I was received into the Catholic Church, before I had children, before … Continue reading

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Things You Might Not Know About St. Therese

I found this lovely article on St. Therese today. It bothers me that many who love her do not know of her struggles with her faith and, thus, the magnitude of her triumph. Jesus told ‘Doubting Thomas’ that he believed … Continue reading

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Spiritual Direction Update – Volunteers Needed!

You might think I have put the project on spiritual direction on the back burner because I have said little about it lately. To the contrary, some marvelous people have stepped up and have offered help to provide people with … Continue reading

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St. Therese on Purgatory

I am working on a piece on The Shrine, which I will have up before bed tonight or by tomorrow morning. In the meantime I came across this lovely piece on St. Therese and purgatory. I am not familiar with … Continue reading

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