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The Light Shines on in the Darkness

A man of incredible intellect and energy, Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D., noticed a marked decrease in faith among college students when he was President of Gonzaga University, 1998-2009, so he founded the Magis Center with the following mission … Continue reading

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The Existence of God

By Charlie Johnston A few weeks ago someone forwarded to me a note from a young man who claimed to be tormented by his sudden lack of belief in God. He wanted proof of God’s existence – and asked for … Continue reading

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The Storm Deepens

  (This is a repeat of an article I published at my Facebook site 10 months ago. It is useful, I think, to see prophecies fulfilled sometime as we lose sight of them in the press of the day. A … Continue reading

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Musings: A Time of Division, Mexico

Many people have contacted me privately asking about an unusually large amount of bickering – and even ugly disputes – among families and friends, wondering if this is part of the darkening of the times. Yes, it is. I have expected … Continue reading

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Guest Column: Untangling Fatima – Fact, Fiction and Prophecy

By Peter B (This column was written by a working European theologian at my invitation. While he is identified here only as Peter B, I am fully advised of his full name, address and credentials. While I have emphasized that … Continue reading

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Choose or Perish

In the Gospel read round the world in Catholic Churches today (Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014), Jesus comes to His disciples walking amidst the waves of the wind-tossed sea. He invited Peter to walk out to Him, and so Peter did. … Continue reading

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The Third Secret of Fatima

I never kept copies of the things I wrote for my priests. It was a matter of discipline as we discerned these matters. One priest has acted as keeper of the archives. (He showed me his file two years ago … Continue reading

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Hope’s Eternal Spring

At the Annunciation, the Archangel Gabriel told Mary that she was about to receive a great blessing, if she would accept it – to become the Virgin Mother of the Messiah. A great blessing, indeed, but one that, from a … Continue reading

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The World Enters its Passion

As many of you have probably surmised, I have had quite the struggle the last month. It has run the gamut from physical illness to family issues to spiritual matters and more. It did not trouble me much. I rather … Continue reading

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The Time to Prepare is Now

I spent most of last week pondering how to address this subject. I am very cautious sometimes, lest people over-react to what I say. So sometimes I under-react. Bear with me. What I have today may be important. For most … Continue reading

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