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The Writing on the Wall

(Today turned into one of those spent mostly on the phone. So I put up this piece from my Abraham’s Journey Facebook Page from early November, 2013. It seemed appropriate and fitting for now, and may fill in a few … Continue reading

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Defend the Faithful

Sorry folks. I have two articles coming that I referenced on monetary systems and the shape of the world during the Storm…and then I had an unexpectedly rough day yesterday. Believe it or not, when I was in media – … Continue reading

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My Purpose

(Note – to the many who have volunteered on the spiritual direction directory: Thursday night I will be speaking with a very talented man who may head up this portion of the direction project. If he agrees, I will forward … Continue reading

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The Shrine

In the very late 90s my angel came to me in a vision and took me into the mountains. From the sky, high above a very distinctive mountain, we looked down upon a great courtyard and shrine nestled below the … Continue reading

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St. Therese on Purgatory

I am working on a piece on The Shrine, which I will have up before bed tonight or by tomorrow morning. In the meantime I came across this lovely piece on St. Therese and purgatory. I am not familiar with … Continue reading

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Choose or Perish

In the Gospel read round the world in Catholic Churches today (Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014), Jesus comes to His disciples walking amidst the waves of the wind-tossed sea. He invited Peter to walk out to Him, and so Peter did. … Continue reading

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The Third Secret of Fatima

I never kept copies of the things I wrote for my priests. It was a matter of discipline as we discerned these matters. One priest has acted as keeper of the archives. (He showed me his file two years ago … Continue reading

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Musings – Ireland

I am doing some work to find resources for spiritual direction. I will put a whole new category of links on that tomorrow and add to them as I get more. Some folks have asked for help and I am … Continue reading

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Hope’s Eternal Spring

At the Annunciation, the Archangel Gabriel told Mary that she was about to receive a great blessing, if she would accept it – to become the Virgin Mother of the Messiah. A great blessing, indeed, but one that, from a … Continue reading

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The Old World Re-Evangelized by the New

(This was originally published on March 14, 2013, upon the election of Pope Francis. I regarded – and regard – his election as the fulfillment of a prophecy I was given in the lat ’90s. He is very tied to … Continue reading

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