TNRS Local Connect

The TNRS Local Connect Project

As the Storm looms ever closer, we have begun seeing serious interest among many in this community to prepare in some fashion and to become a resource for aid to neighbors. Although the absolute requirement for weathering the Storm is to have faith and to trust in God and Mary, we also know that prudence and discernment can call some of us to make physical preparations.

To answer this growing need, the TNRS Answers team has asked two of its members, JLynnByrd and LisaMania7, to help any who are interested in making local connections with nearby people who share your concerns. We are calling this effort “TNRS Local Connect.”

As you may already know, Tom Kuipers has been kind enough to create and act as the director for a Private Forum for TNRS community members at, in order for us to have an outlet for personal discussions and to share information. A number of friendships have formed there, and at least two functioning groups have already been established in the Forum as a result (see directory below).

If you wish to join the Forum, please click here – The Next Right Step Forum – or send an email to Tom Kuipers at to ask to be registered for an account on the Forum. Once you are registered, you are encouraged to go to the Forum, select your geographical area, and introduce yourself.

We recommend that you look first for an established group in your geographical area. If one exists, simply join the discussion to make contact.

If you wish to create a new Local Connect group, you will need to click the “New Topic” button in the appropriate geographical folder to create the Topic thread for your group. We recommend that you title your group’s Topic with your city, state or province, and “Local Connect Group,” like this “Chicago, IL, Local Connect Group.” (If you would prefer to use the term “Storm Group,” then your group’s name would be something like “Chicago, IL, Storm Group.)

After you have created and titled your group, please send the URL (the internet address) for your group’s topic to We will publish that link below in the folder structure so others who may be local to your group and interested in joining you can easily click through from this page to your group after registering for the Forum. Any other matter involving the use of the Forum for a group, or any related administrative matter for this project, please email JLynnByrd and LisaMania7 for help at

Local Connect groups are listed below using the same geographical folders as appear in the Forum:

7 Responses to TNRS Local Connect

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  2. Steve says:

    All, I have been thinking a lot about what is to come, and I realized that communications will become extremely important when the chaos of the Storm hits. I wrote the following to one of the people in the TNRS and they have asked me to share it, so here it is:
    Cell phones have, during the last decade or so, been the primary means of communication for the vast majority of us. They will only work, however, as long as the cell net is operational. Think, though, that the cell nets operate at the behest of the government, and the government can shut them down, if they wanted. All cell nets are connected and controlled by a computer network system. The handheld ham radios, on the other hand, require a FCC license, but are NOT interconnected nor controlled by the government other than the licensing. There is no “kill” signal to shut down shortwave radio. Cell networks, on the other hand, can be “killed”. This means that, even though electrical grids are up, cell networks can be taken down quite easily as a means to control the masses. The vast majority of people do not have a clue how to operate a basic ham radio, so if and when the cell nets are taken down, most will not have any means of communication. To make matters worse, cell networks can be taken down regionally, which would greatly assist any entity (government or otherwise) in controlling information coming out of a particular area that may be undergoing duress. For example, let’s say that that the government decides that a specific group is a major threat that needs to be addressed, but sees a huge following of people that support that group. Being afraid of riling more people up, they shut down the cell networks and broadcasting networks in the region where that group is located. Now no news is getting out of that area. However, if someone had a handheld ham radio, they would be able to get information out about what was happening, and would also be able to maintain communications so the outside world would know what was happening.
    Another aspect is that there are ham radio repeaters all across the US, and they can communicate over much greater ranges than cell towers. Cell phone coverage, on the other hand, is non-existent in a lot of areas, and cell phones have very limited range due to the low power output of their transmitters. Using the handheld ham radio, the group could make contact on a repeater and request a phone patch, which would put them through on landline phones that are outside the affected communications lockdown area.
    I know that the training for using these things is a key issue. It is, actually, really quite easy to get the basic license as practice tests that use the exact questions from the actual test are readily available on the internet, and if you keep taking the practice tests until you reach approximately 85-90 on a consistent basis, you can pass the test. The tests require a person to have a basic understanding of radio and electronic theory. Again, there are websites that provide free training and guides. I would strongly encourage you (or someone within a TNRS local group) to get licensed and get started. If you already have someone who is licensed, great! Get them to start providing training to your local group! We have a TNRS group that meets bi-weekly now here in the North San Diego county area and I will start conducting training with our group this month.
    Finally, whether you intend to get your license or not, I recommend getting a handheld ham radio. First of all, it will allow you to monitor amateur communications, if nothing else. That could come in handy. You will also be able to monitor various weather channels, as well. There are many available, but I would caution anyone from purchasing a cheap radio, such as the Baofeng radios, as you get what you pay for! I have recommended to our group to get the Yaesu FT-60R (can be found on Amazon), but almost any Yaesu, Icom or Motorola handheld is pretty solid. I recommended the FT-60R simply because that is the one I am getting, it is a solid radio, and it will make training much easier for me ;}. If you have any questions, you can contact me at I was in telecommunications in the Navy for 23 years, but I have become quite rusty. In other words, I am working to bring myself back up to speed, so please try doing a Google search on your question before reaching out to me. I will try to answer your questions, but I may be stumped, as well, and may have to do the same Google search. If you do that ahead of time, then it may save both of us some time!

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  3. Beckita says:

    Thank you so much for this information, Steve.

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  4. Nastav says:

    Does anyone know of a TNRS group in the central Indiana/Indianapolis area!


  5. jlynnbyrd says:

    Steve, thank you kindly for sharing the wisdom of your knowledge and experience with us! My DH is studying to be licensed for a HAM Radio license. He is reading a manual that was available at our local library and has recommend the following site for practice exams. His step-father is a highly skilled and licensed operator and trainer in Atlanta and will send us some starter equipment when Jeff has passed the exam and is licensed.

    We have such a vast range of areas of expertise in TNRS family and within our local groups. I recommend that we share our valuable resources here and on TNRS Private Forum with each other.

    We have hundreds of TNRSteppers that have joined the TNRS Private Forum (PF),, since October 27th. I encourage all TNRS Groups that are formed to please register your groups on the PF. Many Steppers are inquiring about groups that are established however are not registered on the PF. When our TNRS are formed, and listed on the PF, please email your groups URL to Lisa and I at so we may add your link here on TNRS Blog Local Connect link for our new TNRS family which is growing day by day. ❤

    Locally connecting to others in our TNRS Groups and our community is a Next Right Step. Get to know your neighbors. I am surrounded by people who are medics, civil servants, trades people, and a former Village Mayor. They are not Catholic, they do not follow TNRS blog, and some roll their eyes at me when I talk about it. That is just fine because they are dear people of good-will. It is my hope and prayer that we will be enlightened and will work together for the greater good of our community. There is strength in numbers and we are each gifted with such amazing and unique God-given skills, talents, and resources which we can use to serve and be a refuge to one another.

    Let us be a light of hope!

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